Friday, November 14, 2014

"Spirituality and Horses ... and Us"

Howdy Friends, 

Anyone who has ever sat with a horse alone in a barn, walked a trail among natures beauty with a horse, or hugged a horse's neck while crying out tears of sad, happy or worry has felt the spirit of the horse connect to their heart. I was about 10, sitting with the horses one of the first nights on the farm I'd been dumped off on like a stray cat. I didn't have any tears, or hope, or dreams left, but I remember it was the first time in my young life I'd ever felt safe, welcome. I didn't know it then, but it was the first time I'd felt the spirit of the horse.
Kessy and me
It would be nearly half a century later while Reiki Master Maxine was helping me that together we discovered my spirit guides are horses. It was an extraordinary moment, though deep inside perhaps not a total surprise.

I've long said horses and humans have a spiritual connection on a level so different than any other. Of course dogs and cats and many animals have connections that are wonderful, but horses, if we let them, will touch and guide us in ways that connect to our spirit, our soul and our hearts.

As I say in my tribute to horses, "Horses Among Us Thank God," – "When I think of the horse's spirit and how it has selflessly carried the spirit of man through the ages I'm awed at the nobility of them. How they have answered every call with strength, beauty and unquestioning devotion.  No matter the sacrifice. Today, the noble horse is embarking on perhaps its most important calling … The healing of man." It is with that tremendous spirit they will selflessly heal us, make us better beings. It is out there for all to see in the explosion of Equine Assisted Therapy programs and centers throughout the world.

If we listen our horses will teach us about patience, kindness and humbleness. They'll introduce us to beauty, connection and responsibility.

Even as tens of thousands stand enduring the unkind, ignorant hand of man in BLM holding pens, in torture barns of the TWH insanity and as other breeds suffer the heavy hand of man's misguided pursuit of fame, money and who knows what ... They wait patiently to teach us, heal us.

Their spirit is calling to us to understand there are things greater than money, fame and ourselves. Riding my mare Kessy alone through the forest she'll often stop and take a long soulful look into the trees. She's not always looking at anything in particular, I hear her telling me, "Take a moment to enjoy this." And together we do.

"Take a moment to enjoy this." Isn't that a beautiful sentiment? Spirits connect, minds and hearts come together. I see it all the time at Heartland Horse Heroes, and Inner City Slicker events when the magic touches the hearts, and spirits, of the young folks. They may not have totally understood, but they've felt the spirit of the horse.

Is there a spiritual connection between human and horse? You bet there is, and thank God for it.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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