Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Don't Let It Stop You!"

Howdy Friends!

Each time before I do an interview for a story I worry, sometimes for days, about it. Will I ask the right questions? Will I understand their meanings? How can I possibly write a story that captures their heart, meaning and essence? It often piles boulders of stress so heavy on me I sometimes get belly ache. And even as I begin the interview I continue to fret; am I hearing what they are saying, how can I tell this in an interesting way they will approve, can I capture their message?
I just finished my interview and story for one of the most wonderful horse women whose mission it is to encourage all of us to, "understand the whole horse," Dianne Little. As is my custom I sent my story to her for her approval and she wrote back. "Thank you Dutch.  You have done a wonderful job. I cannot comprehend how you gathered so much insight from my rambling thoughts. Not only are you an advocate for the horse, you are able to put your natural talent to work for that cause." 

I share this because I believe it can be a teachable moment. After the weekend of Inner City Slickers at Heartland Horse Heroes helping the young ladies understand the importance of managing self-doubt, and going for their dreams, and then Monday morning chatting with students at Appomattox Christian Academy about writing and confidence, I thought it might be a good example of how each of us may struggle with our own demons, worry, and self doubt, but if we learn to expect it, wrap our own strength of determination around it and march forward, we can conquer our fears, or at least put them in a box and succeed in our quest.

Will I be just as worried before my next interview, yup, I already am, but it won't stop me. Don't let it stop you.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch