Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"I thanked Him for the splendor"

Howdy Friends!

Last night's thunderstorms scrubbed summer weary leaves to glossy, sparkling green. They shimmered and glistened, and let go great drops of captured water. In the gray light of morning's break, Kessy and I set out to gait. Soaked leaves smacked my face, painting assorted soggy dots on my hat and shirt. Red muddy puddles decorated the logging trail we've both missed too much these past months. No matter the goo to gait through, Kessy, in high spirits would not be held to a walk, but did agree to her world class flat walk. Day five of her, and our, restart only twenty minutes was the plan, but knowing the lay of the land, and where the most wildflowers grew, we stretched the agenda, a minute or two. Over Little Bear Bridge her bare feet clopped, and among blooms, butterflies and yellow birds we stopped. Pausing to take it all in, I thanked Him for the splendor, the beauty, my horse, my wife, our daughter and my life. 
Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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