Saturday, August 23, 2014

"What Is Your Favorite Thing You Do With Your Horse?"

Howdy Friends! 

 What is the one thing you enjoy doing most with your horse?
My favorite thing, just being with her ...

Okay,my second is trail riding, bird and butterfly watching .....

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. Ah, another delightful read from Dutch. Reminded me of a story..

    A student of mine asked me what MY favorite 'part' was, one time. She was a kid with many troubles in her life, and her mom had enrolled her in "Horses and Heroes", a program for kids like her. She said "What's your favorite part?" and I asked her what she meant... Was it feeding, or grooming, or cleaning stalls, or watching them, or riding, or what?

    I told her ALL OF IT, and asked her what had made her curious.

    A new girl had started coming to the barn who was only interested in riding. Didn't want to do anything but ride.. not even groom or tack up. That's the ONLY part New (snooty) Girl liked. And my student was eager to hear my response to *that*. I could only think of one thing to say...

    "That new girl.. she's REALLY missing out, isn't she!?"

    1. Thanks for telling us that story, WalKonair. Geart story!

  2. One of my 'personal favorite' moments... I love it when I sleep late, and wake to Pad the Man whanging on the fence with a hoof to get me up. As I stumble out, bleary eyed, to take care of them, they whicker to me and swizzle me with their lips. Paddy denies that he tried to wake me, though. Sorry PAD.. I KNOW that faux-innocent face...!