Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Howdy Folks,
 I wrote this story about Springtime for our friend Jessica Lynn of Earth Song Ranch  for her newsletter. If you want excellent herbal blends for your pets and horses, be sure to check with Jessica.

For most of us, Springtime took its good old time drifting in, but it appears to have stopped by for a visit almost right on schedule. Here in Appomattox, VA the past few days have brought closer to summer than spring temperatures. We've already touched the mid-eighties! Completely dashing my hopes for a white Easter. We missed a white Christmas, even though we had just about the most snow ever recorded, so I was looking for a white Easter.
I'm fond of all seasons, love to see the changes. Each season has its gifts and promises. No single season do I hold favorite and my joy comes in the changes of the beauties of nature. 

Summer brings the full blooms of flowers, wild and domestic. Busy birds feeding fledglings, hummingbirds buzzing at the feeders, beautiful full foliaged trees, half grown deer bouncing with their mommas – lightning bugs and thunderstorms too. Rides through the woods taking in the beauty, the birds, and the sounds. The evening call of the Whippoorwill. Fall changes the landscape and scenery, painting the forests and mountains with colors so spectacular I must stop my mare as we ride and take in the view. Pumpkins and squash from Ravishin' Robbie's garden. Flocks of birds gathering in preparation of the coming winter. Winter brings a quietness, a resting time. Rides along sparkling snow covered trails, winter birds, and animal tracks in the snow. Birds at the feeders putting on shows to delight. Evenings snuggled inside with my Ravishin' Robbie. Oh yes, and Christmas too.

Springtime brings a gentle awakening. Riding trails lined with dozens of delicate wildflowers, birds in their most magnificent plumage courting and building nests. My favorite, Bluebirds checking out nest boxes, by middle spring Ravishin' Robbie's hummingbirds are back buzzing her feeders. Courting songs of birds of all species filling the air, especially during Coffee Clutch in the mornings. Trees sporting brand new bright green leaves, spring peepers singing into the darkness. And Robbie's strawberry rhubarb pie.
Springtime is here and rebirth is in full bloom. Treat yourself to some time on the trail, in the gardens or on the porch to take it all in.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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