Monday, March 24, 2014

"My Ravishin' Robbie"

Howdy Folks,
Yesterday as I enjoyed my Coffee Clutch with Kessy, Saturday the chickens and wild birds, the train let go its lonesome whistle. Birds sang in the tree tops their glorious, happy tunes, calling in the struggling spring. Knowing our forecast for tomorrow was for yet another blast of cold and a bit of a wintery mix, I figured they knew it already and were making the most of this spring-like day. My mind drifted to my Ravishin' Robbie. She'd been gone four days and was coming home this evening, but I missed her so.
Ravishin' Robbie in a field of Bluebells - She loves flowers
Some fellas do just fine when their sweeties away. I'm not one of them. In nine weeks we'll be married thirty-eight marvelous years. I remember our first date. I remember her yellow dress. Golly she always looks great in yellow. We weren't on a date with each other, it was a double date and she was with the other guy. But by golly I knew I needed to get to know her better. Even if she did kinda boss me that night. That hasn't changed much over the years. I reckon that's why God matched us up; he knew I'd be a better man with her love keeping me straight.

That first double date – we were on our way home, it was after mid-night, the road was empty, I could see the lonely intersection clearly and there were no cars in sight. The light turned yellow, I said, "I'm not stopping." Robbie, who was in the back, with the other guy warned me this isn't a good light to run. She was right and I got a ticket. That's been a standing joke about the wisdom of heeding her advice. We were married six months after the speeding ticket.

Some folks say they married their best friend. Yea I figure I sure did that, and so much more. We've traveled through some mighty big adventures together, some great and some not so great, but always as a team. We had the indescribable joy of raising a fabulous daughter, who blessed us with our sweet grandbabies.
Our Grandbabies, Hannah and Ben with Saturday and Kessy on our back porch.

I'd had a pretty rough start on life, and had never known the feeling of love before I met Robbie. What she saw in this collection of oddities that is me, I'll never know. But I can still remember the feeling I got way back then just being with her; that life made sense now. I still have that feeling. With her I'm complete. I always say, "everything good I learned about life, I learned from my wife."

Thank you God, for introducing us. Thank you, Ravishin' Robbie for puttin' up with me.

If you look at the top left of our Coffee Clutch home page where I describe what I write about, you'll notice love is in there. I know what Robbie has given me is the deepest kind of love.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. What a lovely tribute to your bride, Dutch! I'm sure Robbie appreciated that very much. Any wife would swoon hearing those sweet words from her husband, even though we do tend to (have to) get after you guys once in a while. Clint Eastwood was right on the money in "The Gauntlet" with his frequent "Nag, nag, nag."
    It's evident you simply adore your Ravishin' Robbie, and I'm wishing the two of you 38 more fabulous years together!

  2. It makes my heart happy when people have that kind of love Andrea