Monday, March 31, 2014

"Betsy Rose - The little mare who never gave up."

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I'm writing a story about LaRue Sprouse  for my May, Heartbeats column in Trail Blazer, and one of the many things LaRue does to help others is work with Beauty Haven's Farm and Equine Rescue, to help find homes for rescued horses; 15 last year. - My July, Heartbeats column last year featured Beauty's Haven's Farm and Equine Rescue and we met Besty Rose then, a sweet mare just rescued. When I discovered the connection to LaRue and Beauty Haven's my editor, Bobbie Jo Lieberman asked for a sidebar update on Betsy Rose – With permission, I'm thrilled to share Betsy Rose's story with all our Coffee Clutch & Facebook friends today. I know it'll bring you a big smile.

On a hot summer day in June, 2013, Theresa Batchelor, the President and Founder of Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, received a phone call from a man stating that his pony was down and that he was unable to help her. Upon viewing a photograph of the pony, Theresa’s heart sank – it appeared that death was only moments away. Theresa summoned a vet to evaluate the pony.  The vet advised Theresa that it was unlikely that the pony would survive – she was very weak with no muscle or fat – the starvation process had taken a toll.  Theresa decided to bring the mare to Beauty’s Haven where she would be given a chance.  If nothing else, she would receive proper TLC and know that she was loved before crossing Rainbow Bridge. 
Betsey Rose in her sling
Upon her arrival at the rescue, the little pony was so weak, she could neither hold her head up nor stand.  She was placed in a sling with pillows upon which to rest her head and was administered Medications and IV fluids. Theresa felt a strong connection with the little mare - she had a sense of determination in her eyes which gave Theresa hope – and so the little mare was named Betsy Rose.

During her first night, Betsy Rose was removed from the sling and placed on the ground.  She had to be rolled over every two hours to prevent constant pressure on her organs.  In her attempts to stand, Betsy Rose created many open sores on her frail body. Although it was heartbreaking to watch, Betsy Rose survived the first night.  Theresa made certain that Betsy Rose was never alone and had supervision around the clock. If Betsy Rose was called home, she would be surrounded by love. 
The sling became Betsy Rose’s lifeline.  A team of volunteers was recruited to help Betsy Rose in and out of her sling at proper intervals. She had frequent visits from the holistic and traditional vets.  She developed colic symptoms from the sand she had ingested and had multiple infections raging throughout her body, anemia, severe muscle atrophy, and colitis. She had razor sharp teeth which punctured her tongue and open sores in her mouth.  But Betsy Rose did not give up. 
With each passing day, she grew stronger.  On July 4th, supported by a sheet beneath her belly which was held on both sides by volunteers, Betsy Rose took her first ‘victory walk.’ As each day passed, Betsy Rose began to spend less time in the sling, walked a bit farther, and stayed awake a little longer. On August 14th, after having her teeth corrected, she was able to walk and graze without assistance for the very first time.  By October, Betsy Rose no longer needed the sling. 
Betsy Rose and friends - Over the months of recovery friends and volunteers would bring Betsy Rose stuffed toys and gifts. In the early days all she could manage was to rest her head near them as she stood in her sling. Today, she loves to take her with them as they enjoy a stroll, some grass and sunshine together.
Betsy Rose’s survival is nothing short of a miracle. This little mare who never gave up has touched the hearts of people throughout the world.  She symbolizes courage, hope, determination, and love and is the embodiment of Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, a place ‘Where Life Begins, Again!’ ~ Theresa Batchelor 

Thank you Theresa for all you and everyone at Beaty's Haven do to help so many and for sharing this wonderful story. 

You can visit with Theresa, Beauty and everyone on their Facebook Page – "Beauty Haven's Equine Rescue"  And visit their website .

Gitty Up ~ Dutch


  1. this is a wonderful story, wish there were more people like that

  2. so very touching and a blessing to have the love shared by many folks to help Betsy Rose. thank you Dutch for your story.