Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Snowy Coffee Clutch Morning"

Howdy Folks,

The cracked corn shouted as loud as a flare atop the ice glazed snow calling birds to fill their depleted gullets. The juncos were first to arrive, then chickadees, titmice, doves and cardinal. Settled in my chair, sipping Folgers I was taking in the show with Kessy, when the shrill cry of a blue jay bounced on frozen limbs. Again and again he called, inching his way closer to the buffet. Mr. blue jay is not a regular so he was polite in his approach, I suppose he thought he should ask permission to invite himself to breakfast. The problem with that is, a blue jay's "call note" is very similar to a red tail hawk's screech.
Kessy looking for the hawk -
His calls not only worried the gathered feasting birds, but Kessy too. She stopped munching hay and marched with purpose to look out and investigate the threat. She did this several times, once she even snorted! Usually when a red tail screeches, or other hawks are in the area, the guineas raise a fuss and Kessy learned from them her precious chickens are in danger and runs to save them. Speaking of the chickens, they slept in this morning … I had to give them breakfast in bed. They don't do snow. We got about ten inches last night, with a coating of ice this morning. I think it's beautiful, the chickens are not impressed. – Have a lovely day!
Some of the chickens did leave the chicken house, but then flew right into the barn!

Of course Kessy eventually had to check out everything.
Gitty Up, Dutch Henry

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