Friday, February 7, 2014

Feature Friday – “Unspoken Messages – Spiritual Lessons I Learned from Horses and Other Earthbound Souls” by Richard D. Rowland”

Howdy Folks,

The pigeon landed on the edge of the roof, its golden chest shimmered in the sun. Its eyes focused directly on Richard. Paying no interest to the other back yard guests, the stunning bird watched Richard’s every move for 2 hours with eyes that spoke only to him. “Before my eyes were opened to things like this, I would have thought something wrong with the bird and there was probably a scientific reason for its presence. Now I know differently.” Richard explains he was told God can send messengers in the form of animals. “Now I know this to be true.”
But he didn’t always. Richard, a retired Kentucky police officer and Vietnam Vet had lived most of his life in what he describes as a world of black and white. “I was hard headed, opinionated, absolutely sure of my place in this world, and convinced that science-based ideology was the only truth.”

That was before his journey. A journey that started only a few years ago. A journey guided by the hearts and wisdom of “horses and other earthbound souls.” A journey that carried Richard from where he was to the spiritual and believing person he is today.

Ingeniously he broke the story of his journey into 2 halves. The first half of the book is stories about horses, a few other animals, and people, whose lives and circumstances began to teach him to see beyond the vision of his eyes. From them he learned there are no coincidences, and how to see with his spirit.
You’ll meet Buffy and her foal Peanut, and witness a spiritual goodbye from the rest of the herd. Whiskers and Sarge will climb onto your lap, and into your heart. Pal, a horribly foundered Paso, will show you how his physical challenges helped Richard face his own terrible health scare. “I was able to apply what I learned from him to go forward myself.” You can visit Pal HERE on Facebook. “Pals page has become another medium for us to teach others that founder is not the end of a horse, and cancer can sometimes be treated with nutrition, and we need to move forward with humor and hope.”

 Pearl will trot of the pages to tug your heartstrings, and wet your eyes, as her story with many layers unfolds, and you meet all the people in her life. From her you’ll learn, “There are no coincidences.”
There are others you’ll meet too, who will become your friends, and perhaps your guides. Together you’ll share a few chuckles, tears and deep thoughts. As you read these stories, sometimes your mind will race ahead of the words on the page and, you’ll wonder, as I did, why is he telling this story? Why did he let this happen? Then you’ll realize it was necessary for us to feel the spiritual growth, just as Richard did.

Your journey will carry you from part one to part two with the wisdom and reassurance that “animals are old souls with deep and ancient abilities to communicate with us, if we let them.”

In part two Richard shows how people, and their loved ones, faced with life ending, or altering prognoses and challenges, can use that ancient wisdom, and the listening learned to explore new, AND ancient, paths, ideas modalities.

Richard was given a blunt prognoses on August 21, 2008, “You have a blood cancer called multiple myeloma, and it’s incurable.”
Of course at first he and his wife were devastated, terrified, angry and scared. Then they turned their focus toward determination, hope and dedication. Using some lessons learned from Pal, and the others, and guidance from his wife, who is a holistic nutritionist by training, they marched forward to meet the challenge.

Part two tells of their choices. How things worked for them. It is not a knock on Western medicine, though at some points it might feel like it. But just as with the stories in part one, some facts and thoughts had to be shared for the reader to fully understand the journey. The journey that led Richard to find balance.
Unspoken Messages” is at times happy, at times sad, but always touching. Richard invites you into his most private moments wrestling with confusion, enlightenment, joy and sorrow. I not only recommend it, but suggest "Unspoken Messages" be required reading in our High Schools.
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Join Richard on Facebook HERE for the book. And HERE to become friends.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. Where do I start? That you read the book at all is quite an honor but to read what you had to say about the book is humbling while at the same time being very encouraging. I was sincerely moved emotionally by your words and insight. As my Mother was fond of saying, "Thanks is poor pay but it is all I have," and I offer the same. Many thanks to you for the wonderful review. This road that I have traveled for the past five plus years has had the sides landscaped with the most beautiful souls, souls who encourage me merely by their presence. You my friend are one of the brightest of the bunch. Thank you! Richard

    1. Oh Richard, it's my honor to know you and to have been given the thrill to read your book and write this story. God bless you for the lives you've touched! ~ Gitty Up, Dutch