Friday, February 21, 2014

"Feature Friday – Ride For Their Lives – Robynne Catheron"

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Languishing in Federal bureaucratic bogs and quicksand is the bill that would end the slaughter of American horses forever. The Safeguard American Food Export (S.A.F.E.) Act, has sat untouched now for almost a year.
Horse lover and advocate, Robynne Catheron is mounting a personal and extraordinary effort to raise awareness of, and help pass the S.A.F.E. Act. She is setting out on a 1,150 mile "RIDE FOR THEIR LIVES" along the American Discovery Trail from Cincinnati, Ohio to Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware starting April 20, 2014. She'll be taking two horses; George is her own horse, and Sampson who is on loan to her from the woman who rescued him from a killpen awaiting slaughter.
A happy Sampson all recovered and loving life!
Sampson was a Big Lick "Performance" horse, his lower legs sored, his hooves padded and chained, and dumped at auction by an owner who no longer found him useful. "Sampson is hoping to find his forever home during this ride. Anyone interested in meeting Sampson (or any of us) please contact me on Facebook." Robynne said.

"The S.A.F.E. Act (H.R.1094, S.541) will not only protect American horses from the nightmare of slaughter, it will prevent toxic horse meat from being shipped overseas for human consumption. Horses in the United States are not raised as food animals. They are routinely given drugs for parasite control, pain, and certain medical conditions that typical food animals are not given. For example, phenylbutazone, or "Bute," a common equine pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, is highly toxic to human bone marrow." Explains Robynne.

Robynne's plans for RIDE FOR THEIR LIVES began several years ago as feelings of helplessness, frustration and sorrow overwhelmed her for America's young and healthy horses being sent to slaughter. "I needed to do something significant to spread the message that slaughter is never an option, whether in abattoirs in Canada and Mexico, or in cattle rendering plants on American soil. I have extensive information to share about horse slaughter, sent to me by several experts in the field. Much of it is the result of undercover investigations." Robynne explained.
George and Robynne rollin' along
As she rides the thousand miles she'll spread the word of the stuck-in-place S.A.F.E Act and not only raise awareness, but shine the light on the horrors innocent horses face in the overcrowded trucks, pens and brutal slaughterhouses. Her youngest granddaughter, Chelsea, will be gathering with Robynne each night for dinner, and to feed the horses. She'll also be coordinating with media a few days before arriving at each town, so that maximum exposure will be achieved.

This RIDE FOR THEIR LIVES is a wonderful thing. Horses and their people everywhere thank you, Robynne, George and Sampson!

Join them on Facebook HERE – and follow their route. Robynne invites you to join them in camp, or along the trail. Have a look HERE at her fundraiser page.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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  1. I am so honored that you chose my upcoming ride as a Feature Friday post. God bless you, Dutch, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. With support like yours we'll get this bill passed in no time!