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Feature Friday – Daisy Bicking – Daisy Haven Farm – Hoof and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

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Like many hoof care providers, Daisy Bicking's quest to understand horses' hooves, their health, and healing began when her own horse needed help. Dealing with laminitis and a rotated coffin bone, Daisy knew things were bad, but she also knew, somehow there must be a way to create a healthy hoof, thus a healthy horse again. Handed a rasp by a dear friend who knew horses' hooves, and encouraged by her friend to not waver on her quest, Daisy dove head-long into learning all she could. Determined she would save her horse.
Daisy giving her presentation
She did save her horse, and even got him back into competition. She also began to realize everyone she knew had a horse just like him, or knew of one in his condition. She became passionate about helping them, and sharing her knowledge, and learning more. Daisy studied a wide range of barefoot trimming styles, and composite material applications, and other alternative support options with KC LaPierre, ELPO, Monique Craig, Mike Salvoldi, and others. She attends the International Hoof Care Summit, The Laminitis Conference and other seminars annually.
Daisy and her daughter, who also loves hooves-

In 2004 she founded Daisy Haven Farm, Inc. and began meticulously documenting her work. Since then, with her digital radiograph machine, Daisy has compiled a database of over 200,000 digital hoof pictures, most with corresponding progressive x-rays. This has proven to be an invaluable resource in approaching each horse objectively and using measurable data to track progress and goals over time. And as an instructional asset.

 Daisy is a self proclaimed hoof educational junkie. "I study everything I can and stay diligently open minded for the benefit of the work I’m doing for the horse. I am incredibly grateful to my radiograph machine for training my eye and giving me the ability to be very accurate in my work." Daisy said.
"The healthiest foot is a Bare Foot that can do its job," says Daisy
She became so passionate about sharing the benefits of progressive series of radiographs as a tool for others, she began teaching courses to help other trimmers check their own eye. Over the past five years, the program has grown to now be included under her new school:  Daisy Haven Farm: School of Integrative Hoofcare.  Not only does Daisy love helping horses, the more challenging the better, but she also loves helping others help horses. "In some way I feel I am working through them, and helping more horses than I could over reach myself." Explains Daisy.
When more concentrated therapy is needed, Daisy Haven Farm offers Rehabilitation Boarding.
Daisy will use plastic glue-on shoes, but only for the worst cases. "I like that I can still apply a barefoot trim with the shoe as the shoe and glue is very forgiving. Also, my structures of the foot improve in the shoe. If I was losing the health of my foot in the process I wouldn't do it." Daisy said. "Of the 200 horses I work on per month, only 15% of my horses are in glue on plastic shoes."
Have a look at her website and her facebook page (HERE)

 Thanks Daisy, for helping and teaching folks how to help horses have healthy, happy  hooves.

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