Friday, January 17, 2014

Feature Friday – Carol L Nolan Equine Therapy

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 As a child Carol wanted to save every animal she saw in distress. Every stray kitten, every injured bird, and everything in between, from lost dogs to wild animals. She didn't know how, but she knew her life would need to revolve around helping animals. About six years ago a young horse named Hope helped her find a way to help.

Hope was a Frisian mare who found Carol, who had gone 20 years without horses in her life. Shortly after their joyous bonding, Hope fell while frolicking in the pasture. It was a bad fall. She became seriously lame. No veterinarian could find a way to help. No help could be found from chiropractors, or a series of lameness experts. Carol set out to educate herself on how to help Hope. She believed from watching the experiences with Hope, that healing and health had to have its foundation in, "A whole horse approach."

She made her mission to learn all she could about the biomechanics of the horse. She dug in, researched and studied hard, learning about the soft tissue, and injuries. She learned about chiropractic, acupressure & meridians, massage and stretching. It all made sense to her and she began to wonder why it wasn't part of everyday horse ownership. "In the end, I have learned that many horses are suffering from the discomfort of chronic pain & physical restrictions that we humans have not been taught to recognize." Carol said. "Once we can understand this, we can set about making our horses feel better."

After much study and learning Carol chose using the acuscope, myoscope & myofascial release as her main therapy tools to, "make horses feel better."

What are the Acuscope and Myoscope? They are FDA approved instruments that use electrical impulses, specifically calibrated to animals, sending healing in exactly the same current that is found in the body naturally, but might be blocked due to injury or tightness. Thus providing noninvasive healing and therapy to both cells and nerves. Each treatment is unique to the animal and cannot under, or over treat. "The myoscope is a direct treatment to the tissues, and an indirect treatment to the nerves once the cells are 'normal' and working correctly, after the ascuscope treatment which focuses on re-charging the cells.  So the myoscope works by detecting & fixing breaks in the magnetic fields surrounding the cells.  Again, the current from the myoscope is what is found naturally in the body, adjusts to only what the body needs, and in that way, the body can accept it." Explains Carol.
Apache gets a back opening with the acuscope, Ahhh - with Carol Nolan & Emily
"The scopes will help an injury heal up to 50% faster (as much as 75% faster if both instruments are used), and the integrity of the healed connective tissue involved is better & stronger. There is also less chance of scarring or proud flesh if the injury is a wound.  Any treatments are cumulative because the cells are being 'retrained' to be normal." Carol said.

Carol also uses myofascial release in her healing practice. "This is another biggie, and why I finally decided this was the 'missing link' to my work." Carol said. "Most of the time, once you do the myofascial release, the bone can 'seek its own home'"

"I am very patient with trying to help people.  As I am helping, educating them, there comes understanding of how what they are doing may have a lot to do with the predicament their horse may be I am sure to do it in a way that they usually get to that understanding on their own.  Then then 'own it' and it becomes a 'self discovery' out of their new understanding.  And when they do get there, they are usually pretty eager to reverse things and improve their horses' quality of life!   That's the part I love with the humans!"

Her love of animals, and wanting to help them all, keeps Carol on her journey to learn more, teach more, and help more. Humans and animals.

Join Carol on her journey  HERE on her Facebook page.   Your horse will thank you.

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  1. She is a pretty amazing person, of course I am biased. I am married to her.