Friday, November 22, 2013

Feature Friday -Giving Thanks to Our Fur Family Members-

Howdy Folks,

As we approach Thanksgiving Day and our minds, and tummies, focus on great food, gatherings, friends and family. And of course giving thanks. It's wholly appropriate to include in our thoughts and deeds our animal family members. We all have those special horses, dogs and cats. Some have crossed the rainbow bridge, but we can, and should, still send the sweet thought of gratitude for how they touched, and perhaps changed our lives. Made us wiser, kinder, better.
Kessy, Miss Kitty and Tigger join me each morning for Coffee Clutch.
Our equine, dog and cat family members are ever there for us. A shoulder to cry on and lean on as we travel life's trails together. Cats, while some folks find them aloof, are the very best for snuggling and purring. Cats do tremendous work soothing shut-ins, and folks who don't get very many visitors. Our cats, Tigger and Miss Kitty are the source of countless warm laps, and just as many chuckles.

Dogs offer unconditional love, companionship, protection and even make the best trail riding buddies. Our little throw away, Saturday is one of the best trail buddies I've ever had. Our dear Sweetness, who crossed the rainbow bridge this summer, was the best ever. She even taught herself to help horses through scary times on the trail. She taught a few horses to load, too. She was part of our lives, rides and hearts for a too short ten years. We miss her. Dogs all over the world lend a helping hand to folks.
Dear Sweetness - she loved Christmas too and opening her presents.
Be sure to be extra thankful for your horse. What would we be without them? They teach us to fly. They help us navigate rough patches in our lives. They enrich us, make us laugh, think, and grow. They listen to our problems. They help us celebrate our joys and victories. They heal hearts all over the world. They mend bodies too. My Kessy understands the demands of my body. She knows I ride so I can walk. If you follow my Coffee Clutch blog you know how she understands my limitations, and how she compensates for them. She is the most in-tune horse I've ever had the honor and pleasure of calling my partner. And we are together by accident. Or are we?
Kessy, Saturday and me just foolin' around.
There are organizations all over the world offering help to humanity by way of horses, dogs and cats. Why not say a special thanks to your fur family member by selecting one of those organizations you like best and sending a donation in the name of your horse, dog or cat. That would be a "Thank You" heard around the world.

Gitty Up
Dutch Henry

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