Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beautiful, Miserable, Wet, Cold Morning

Howdy Friends! 

Oh what a beautiful, miserable, wet, cold morning. I love it! It's been a while since we've enjoyed Coffee Clutch while rain danced on the tin roof. We've had a few rainy days recently, but somehow they've missed coffee with Kessy and the critters time. So I was excited when rain continued to fall this morning … until I stepped outside and the full force of soggy cold air promptly removed my hat. Saturday dismissed his usual tag wagging "happy to go to the barn dance" on the porch, and dashed between giant raindrops to the barn. Kessy nickered her standard "Good Morning" greeting as she gaited from the woods to her bedroom. She's not one to stay inside and was sure soaked, so instead of our morning hug, she had to settle for a gentle pat on her wet shoulder. Settled in my chair after hurried chores, I tapped my first steaming cup of Folgers, and thanked God for another beautiful day. Tigger, jumped on my lap, shook about a quart of water on me, then curled in a tight ball. – Have a swell day today everybody and stay dry!
Coffee Clutch Family-Kessy, Saturday, Tigger(on my lap) Miss Kitty & me
Gitty Up ~ Dutch

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