Friday, September 6, 2013

Feature Friday - SOKY Equine Development Center – Jeff Mohser

Howdy Folks,
Seeing too many horses needing help because their owners have fallen on hard times tore at Jeff Mosher's heart. Especially recently. It seemed to Jeff that too many folks today are just one bill away from not being able to keep their horse. Often a partnership of many years is torn apart by circumstances not in anyone's control. After meeting one too many owner and horse team in this heartbreaking situation, he could no longer just go along and do nothing to help.
Part of the herd relaxing at SOKY
Jeff founded SOKY Equine Development Center with a mission to rescue, rehap, train and rehome horses. A lifelong horseman, and long time trainer, Jeff devotes himself to the well being, and restarting lives of horses who might otherwise not have much of a future. In 2012, Jeff was personally involved with almost 100 horses being placed into adoptive homes across the United States and Canada from the farm in Glasgow, KY.

Having over 20 years of experience handling and training horses, and with a centralized location, Jeff wants to provide a conduit to help horses who are abandoned or unwanted, while rehabbing horses that have been neglected or abused.  Realizing that many potential adopters and buyers are looking for a trained horse, Jeff has decided to utilize his experience handling and training horses to make training a priority for horses going through SOKY's adoption/sales program. He currently specializes in the Arabian breed, but is willing to work with all breeds as circumstances may dictate.
Teema - 13 Yr old SE/AK Arabian available for adoption
Jeff made the decision to fund SOKY solely with adoption/sales fees for the horses passing through the SOKY program.  Because of this, there is both a physical and financial limitation to the number of horses that can be supported at any given time. SOKY maintains between 20 and 50 horses depending on the day, and the various stages of rehab.
Jeff exercising a good boy
Jeff's goal with SOKY is to be a resource for individuals to call upon for help, to provide a solution for horses who find themselves in dire circumstances, and to provide training for horses so that they are better able to fit into their current, new or future owners' home.
Jeff and Elation ERA greeting visitors to the rescue
Jeff's dream is to work himself out of a job so there isn’t a need to help abandoned, unwanted, abused or neglected horses. Until then, he will do all he can to help as many as he can. You can help too, by spreading the word. And perhaps even adopting.

You can reach Jeff at - SOKY Equine Development Center, 1909 Carden RD., Glasgow, KY 42141 or And on their FaceBook Page (HERE)

Thanks Jeff and everyone a SOKY for all you do to help restart lives!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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