Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Sitting In The Shade" - A short story

Howdy Folks,

Our friend Jessica Lynn of  Earth Song Ranch, asked me to write a short story about cooling off in the summer heat for the July, Natural Horse Magazine newsletter. So I did. And I thought it would be nice to share it here with our Coffee Clutch friends, too. Hope you enjoy.

Sitting In The Shade

The air was cooler under the spreading limbs of the grand old oak. She enjoyed many a hot day resting there. Sitting, she leaned back against the trunk, enjoying the moment, and the breeze, to gaze up through those mighty boughs. Sheltered from the sun she could think about her day, her week. Not much to think about really. Her life seemed to be in a holding pattern. A lot like the majestic oak. How many years had it stood watch over the fields and pastures from its vantage point on the hill. It had been there in her childhood when she and the horses sought its cooling shade. She giggled when she remembered the time she'd climbed halfway to the top and her father had to rescue her.

She smiled thinking of the picnic lunches she and her high school friends had here. Her fingers traced the heart shaped carving in the massive trunk. What sweet days had been enjoyed here under the embracing boughs, always in the cool shade. This was her thinking place. No place on the farm offered as great a place to think.

The chestnut mare stomped her foot, snorted. "I know, it's time to head in, Beauty." She swung up bareback, grasped Beauty's mane and they set out at a slow walk, down the hill toward the house and barn. Three more horses fell in line and the tiny procession made its way along the meandering trail toward the buildings. The heat of the sun felt good on her back, but not as good as the shade had. Looking skyward she knew today was going to be a hot one. Back to the oak? Maybe later.

Gitty Up~Dutch Henry

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