Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"I Suppose She Knew – Pt 2"

Howdy Folks, 
Yesterday I took you to the edge of the big clear cut, where I sat Kessy wondering if we could even get to the old trail. I hope you enjoy Pt 2 of "I suppose She knew."

 I Suppose She Knew – Pt 2

I asked Kessy to see what she thought of the big clear cut area, and hesitantly she stepped on. Everything was a mess, it was even hard to get our bearings. Not a sign remained of our old trail. We couldn't travel in a direct line, but rather had to tiptoe around all the mud, rocks and broken trees. I kept Kessy headed in the general direction, but allowed her to pick her own way. She always amazes me on this trail, it's always been very hard to follow, and we only do it 2 or 3 times a year, but somehowshe always finds the way. As we crossed the debris covered expanse I watched as she chose safe footing, even taking backsteps sometimes. Finally I could see it, our old overgrown trail waiting for us. I suppose she knew it all along. Kessy had tiptoed across the clear cut, through mud and debris along the invisible path of our old trail to pick it up again on the other side in the forest.
Saturday likes to lead sometimes
We still had to step over a few logs to get there though, I left it up to Kessy with just a soft kiss to pick her way, and she did. Gosh the trail had really gotten thick, but I turned her loose and figured we'd just check it out. I was truly just along for the ride as she navigated through brush and bramble. Every now and then I recognized where we were and was again amazed at how she remembered a trail she'd only been on a few times. A barely visible trail at that. We went along to the point where the trail gets deep into the woods and opens up a bit, my legs told me they'd had enough, and knowing we had more than an hour back, I figured we'd better turn around.

Halfway back to the clear cut we stopped to have a look at what I thought was a Hairy Woodpecker and I realized we'd lost Saturday. I called and called. No Saturday. We waited and called more. Kessy wanted to keep heading for home, but I worried if Saturday was left behind here he might have a bad time getting home. We had seen more bear tracks in the mud at the clear cut, and coyotes run in this forest.

I thought it best to go back up the trail and look for him. He rarely gets this separated, but then I realized I hadn't seen him in a while. The undergrowth was just too thick. Kessy protested about going back, she wanted to go in the direction of home, but we had to find Saturday. As fast as we could, we moved down the thick trail again, I called over and over. No Saturday. We stopped at the point where we had turned around earlier, here I could see far across the forest floor. I called, no Saturday.

Not knowing what to do I turned for home again. I stopped another time at the spot where I first noticed Saturday missing. My legs were in no shape to get off and search, so I sat Kessy and hollered as loud as I could. Kessy kept trying to head for home. It didn't feel right, but after a while, I let her move on for home. I continued to call as she picked her way through thick brush at a quickened pace. I couldn't see more than a few feet ahead on the trail, or behind. I forged a plan to get home, gather Robbie and some friends and come back to find him. Visions of our sweet beagle stuck somewhere would not leave me alone. In all the miles we'd trailed together he'd never been gone this long.

Without warning, Kessy stopped. Ahead of us on the trail, ears flopping as he bounded toward us, came Saturday. Kessy had long ago wanted to head for home. I suppose she knew her little buddy was in that direction. All I can figure is he found the clear cut too interesting and he'd gotten sidetracked there and not followed us along the tick trail. Kessy must have known all along. I hope he never does that again!
Saturday - In this picture he's laying with Kessy in her woods
Gitty Up ~ Dutch

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