Friday, July 26, 2013

"Feature Friday- Holistic Horse Care Cooperative-Robin Davis"

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The Holistic Horse Care Cooperative is a community of like minded animal lovers. Originally conceived by Robin Davis who was inspired by her mustang, Windman, it's a virtual Yellow Pages of holistic practitioners. Windman was rounded up as a young horse, snatched from the wild herd where he was being groomed to be a leader. Robin and Windman found each other after Windman had lived in 5 different homes. He brought with him a lot of emotional scarring. "Windman will not talk about his scarring. He wants us to see him, not his scars," Robin said.
Some of the horses at Mustang Hollow- Windman is the grey.
"Windman wants us to know that leadership is not about domination, but inspiration and compassion." Robin explained. "He wants us to help all horses really be horses and recognized for the gifts they bring. No matter how big or small those gifts."

It was with Windman's wisdom and guidance that Robin set out to create a way to encourage people to seek wholeness and harmony with all of Creation. Horses are such servants that Robin believes it is easy to lose connection with the harmony that can exist. "As we connect with our horses we begin to see them as the whole being they are, their mind, body spirit, and emotions, we begin to connect more deeply with Creation," Robin said.

Robin created Mustang Hollow, a few years ago, so her horses could run free on 80 acres near Nunn Colorado. She was exploring different healing and training techniques there and found how wonderfully wide the variation of themes could be. Recognizing the beauty of that variation, in 2009 she hosted the first, "Holistic Horse Affair "at Mustang Hollow. Many different practitioners came together to share ideas, learn from each other, and provide a means for horse owners to have available resources to care for their own horses, in a way that fit their needs. This hugely successful event was the birth of Holistic Horse Care Cooperative.

Harmony is a key element at Holistic Horse Care Cooperative. Dozens of holistic practitioners, all coming together to honor the horse (humans, and other animal companions). Many post articles, photos, and have events around holistic practices.  Most membership also give back to community, either humans, and/or animals in a variety of ways.  You will find craniosacral practitioners, bodyworkers, acupuncturists, holistic vets, homeopaths, natural hoofcare practitioners, whole horse balanced dentistry, EFT practitioners, Reiki practitioners, natural horse trainers, animal communicators, cold-laser and light therapy, nutrition, whole horse health and wellness, aromatherapy, equine assisted therapy, energy healing, horse rescues, hands on bodywork, the list goes on. Recognizing that each horse (and animal) is an individual which calls for individualized treatment.
The Mission of the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative is to:
1. Enhance the quality of life for the horses in our care.
2. Activate interest in Holistic Horse Care.
3. Encourage dialogue and information sharing surrounding Holistic Horse Care.
4. Educate participants (horse owners, suppliers, care providers, educators and trainers) of holistic modalities, their appropriate implementation and integral partnership with existing methods of care.
5. Empower horse owners to make informed, effective and sustainable decisions.

"Holistic Horse Care Cooperative is a circle of influence that honors the horse (and other animals and people as this ripples out). Although this is primarily about horses, I am going to cast the net out to include all beings we come in contact with.  Dutch, as you know, once you start down this path, what we do for our horses transfers on to how we are with each other and with other beings. This happens organically." Inez Donmoyer, a very active and devoted member, told me. She is so very correct.
Robin Davis on the road manning the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative booth.
Whether you are a long time believer, or just beginning your journey into the holistic way, you'll find a wealth of information on their website . Please consider becoming a member, your horse will thank you.

You can join them on Facebook here -

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  1. Robin's knowledge and web site has helped 100's of horses and opened doors for their owners.

    1. Thanks Lorrie! ... What Robin and the Holistic Herd do is so important.

  2. The Holistic Horse Care Cooperative comes from true dedication to improving the lives of horses and people using the vast wisdom and knowledge of the holistic philosophy. Robin puts her whole heart into it and inspires others join and explore- It's awesome!

    1. You bet Lauren, they truly are "People Helping Horses" ...