Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Songs and Flowers of a Spring Morning"

Howdy Folks,
Not so many days ago we were wondering if Spring would ever arrive, weren't we? I'm happy to report it has. At least here in Appomattox VA we are enjoying the bird songs, flowers and budding trees that make Spring mornings splendid.

A pleasant gray sky held the bird song low and somehow added ringing vibrancy to each note. And by golly there was a symphony this morning. Two Cardinals greeted Saturday and me as we strode to the barn. Kessy's sweet nicker even seemed to acknowledge the floating notes.

Chores done I settled into my Coffee Clutch chair, Tigger in my lap. Saturday, Zoe and Miss Kitty by my side, Kessy munched her hay, I poured a cup of coffee and took in the show. The Cardinals were still the main attraction, but they had plenty of backup singers. In the brush by the barn a Carolina Wren belted out his frantic chatter. Higher in the trees a Bluebird added his beautiful song. In the distance an Indigo Bunting offered his tune of sliding scales. A Titmouse called, "Peter, Peter, Peter." A red Eyed Vireo declared, "Here I am … Where are you?" … The breath taking moment came when a lone Wood Thrush sang one verse of his most splendid flute solo ... I did notice this morning the Juncos are nearly gone.

The Bloodroot along the fence line is nearly finished blooming, but the Bluettes and Spring Beauties are in full glory. Our Dogwoods, Fringe trees and Red Buds are simply bursting with flowers ... I'm getting anxious for our Spring Wildflower drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Phoebes have finished their nest on their shelf in the barn rafters; probably have started laying their first clutch. Mrs. Bluebird nesting in the front yard is already sitting on 4 sky blue eggs.

Ravishin' Robbie's Hummingbirds haven't said howdy yet, but their feeders are up and waiting. They usually arrive between the tenth and twentieth of April here, so any day now. We did have a treat last night, when I went out to tuck Kessy in, I heard our first Whippoorwill call of the Spring.

Ah yes, what a glorious way to start the day. Hope you all have a perfect day! God Bless!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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  1. Yes,spring is here! Saw three cardinals yesterday near my office. We stopped by the garden center and took tons of photos of pansies, hosta, and other plants for paintings. Will be taking a little break from horses.. and painting flowers. This time of year pushes me into a different pallet. I had a friend say that I seem to paint reds, oranges, and browns..vibrant colors. I realized that I was painting what I feel from the outdoors.. fall leaves, no green grass to be found, so little green in my paintings. But as spring approaches, I find that I am moved by the colors of the flowers, and new green plants that are growing so quickly. Enjoy it while we can! Linda Nedilsky..