Monday, April 22, 2013

"Happy Monday"

Howdy Folks,

Last evening the Whippoorwills sang all around our house. Call after call floated through the blackness. Standing on the back porch it seemed we could almost feel the notes.

Our pink Dogwood is in full bloom and Ravishin' Robbie and I have seen hummers and butterflies checking out the pretty flowers. Beneath it, Robbie's Azalea bush is just beginning to open its red flowers.
Our Dogwood Tree
Yesterday while grooming Kessy and doing her pre-ride exercises we were "buzzed" several times by a male Hummingbird. We were not far from where the feeder hangs by the barn door, when it's up. We've not hung that one yet, just two on the porches. Do you suppose this little fellow was telling us to hang his feeder?

Mrs. Bluebird is sitting on 5 eggs, in her nest-box in the front yard. I had originally thought 4, but yesterday when Kessy and I were setting out for our afternoon ride I saw her fly out, so I rode over to the box and had a peek. Darling little nest ... The Phoebes have a complete nest in the barn; a Carolina Wren was checking the chicken house for a handy nook to build in, but no nest yet. During Coffee Clutch this morning a pair of Cardinals flitted about the treetops, clicking and chirping. They were sure silly making a big fuss as they went about searching for the perfect nesting site.

Plans are for Ravishin' Robbie and me to take our Spring Wildflower drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway on Wednesday. Can't wait for that. The mountain is simply a beautiful place to enjoy God's splendor. Last Spring we counted over twenty different varieties of wildflowers on our trip.

Sending wishes for everyone to have a Happy Monday and great week!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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  1. Happy Monday to you, too, Dutch. I love to listen to birds in the trees when they settle around our house.