Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"It's A Beautiful Morning"

Howdy Folks,

Thermos in hand I stepped from the back porch headed for Kessy's barn eager to settle in for our morning Coffee Clutch. The Phoebes, Cardinals and Wrens were already singing. It was a beautiful morning, bright skies, and crisp chilly air. Kessy had a bounce in her step and happy note in her nicker. Saturday did his, "Hurry up feed me dance" all around my feet.

Kessy all bright eyed and cheery followed my every step as I did our morning routine of feeding chickens filling her haybag and just getting ready for Coffee Clutch. Saturday, well by golly he's always just about the happiest beagle in the world followed along too. The birds watching from the treetops have their own reasons for singing so jubilantly, it nearly spring after all, and we have even seen Bluebirds scouting the nest boxes. The Crocuses have been blooming for over a week and the Daffodils are up, too. Won't be long now until we hang the Hummingbird feeders. Hummingbirds are Ravishin' Robbie's favorites.

Maple trees are pushing tiny red buds and the grass sports a shiny green hue. We took a moment and walked a lap around Kessy's woods taking in this sparkling new day, then back to Kessy's barn we headed. She tugged at her hay and munched contentedly. I settled into my chair and poured my first cup. As always, I looked through the trees toward the grand blue sky and thanked God for another beautiful day. Saturday sat beside me, Miss Kitty rubbed my leg, Tigger hopped on my lap.

Kessy, Saturday and the Coffee Clutch Gang hope you have a beautiful day, too!

God Bless & Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. What a beautiful start to a beautiful day. Thank you Dutch!!

  2. I just spent about ten minutes hugging my two doggies outside in the sunshine! I've been waiting for Spring since November!