Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Wonderful Weekend with a Dear Friend"

Howdy Folks,

Friends are one of God's special gifts, and my dear friend Connie Bloss is extra special. Over the years we've shared many adventures. We've ridden together from Southern VA to Vermont. Oh that Vermont ride! ... It was a 25 mile Competitive Trail Ride in Woodstock, Vermont in January, called the January Thaw, only it didn't thaw. It was one degree with 28 inches of snow. I rode my Spotted Saddle Horse, Diablo, Connie rode my TWH, Fritz.  Ravishin' Robbie served as our crew. We all agree of all the adventures we've shared this was one of our favorites.

Connie's husband, Larry was a really swell guy and great friend, too. He didn't always go along on our horsey adventures and escapades, but did cheer us on and if we ever needed any kind of help was right there ... A few weeks ago Larry went to Heaven. This past weekend I went to visit Connie to share condolences and memories. We did plenty of remembering, crying, eating and laughing ... The weather did keep us from playing with Connie's Icelandic horse, Gi.

But as planned, on Saturday we did attend Diane Sept's February "Equine Discussion Group." It was Connie who introduced me to Diane. Each year Diane holds one-day get-togethers in Jan, Feb and March, sort of mini clinics, where she discusses all things important to know about how to be a great horse owner/partner. Not only is it a great chance to learn important information, brush up on things and hear new ideas, but it's fun to see friends you only see every now and then. Diane is an exceptional instructor, trainer and motivator. And my mentor. As I always say, "Everything good I know about horses I learned from Diane Sept. Everything good I know about life I learned from my wife, Robbie."

This weekend's Equine Discussion Group's focus was on the senior horse, and many great ideas were shared and discussed, from feeding, vaccinating, barefoot care, dental work to housing, riding and blanketing. I was pretty surprised to learn the feed industry's idea of a senior horse is 13. I think that's a mighty young senior horse! Many friends there shared their own experiences with their senior horses, and there were some great stories. One of Diane's lesson horses, Jessica will celebrate her 39th birthday in a few months, and she looks every bit of 15!

Larry's horse, Blue went to Heaven just last week at 27. We all decided he wanted to ride with Larry again.

Sunday, and Monday, Connie and I set out to visit more of our friends, talk about horses and family. I don't get see everybody very often since moving to VA, so it was really great to go with Connie and do some catching up.

Ah yes, it was simply a wonderful weekend with a dear friend!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. What in the world could be better than that.......great friends, fond memories, and fabulous trail riding. Sorry to hear about the passing of your friend Larry and his trusty steed. Glad you had a good visit. I am sure you made Connie's day. That's what friends are lift each other up when the other is down :)

  2. That's so sad about your friend Larry and it seems his pony wanted to be with him, eh? What a good friend you are.