Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Kessy and Dutch's new Mounting Platform"

Howdy Folks, 

Since this pesky leg thing of mine isn't really going to get much better I needed a better way for Kessy and me to start our adventures to the trails and woods. I mentioned it to our friends Chris and Phil and they jumped into action! Great friends just jump right in, and they did! First the foundation needed to be prepared. Then they pushed the heavy platform in place, removed the one railing and made sure the platform was secure.
 Then it was time to introduce Kessy to the new deal. She's really good about taking care of me and figuring things out. As you stroll through these pictures I'll bet you'll find it hard to believe it took months of working together for Kessy to be comfortable standing still to mount. First we just got used to walking to it and then standing comfortably while I was that high beside her. 
 Next came the real deal. Saddle up and ride … Kessy say's "I got this for you Partner."

  After the ride came a new way of dismounting, too. This had really become a problem for me, but I think we've got it now.

Thank you Chris and Phil for keeping Kessy and me on the trail!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch 


  1. WOW!!! You are set for life. What a wonderful gift from your friends to design this "one of a kind mounting block." Congrats to you, your legs, and Kessy!!!

  2. That is wonderful, Dutch! So glad your friends came forward for you! I am going to endeavor to build one for myself as soon as the weather breaks, as I think everyone should use a mounting block, rather than "over-tightening" girths and pulling their horse's spines out if alignment ~ every time they pull themselves aboard!
    Happy trails, Dutch & Kessy!

    1. Thanks Kit! ... I agree, and I've always used a mounting block, well for a long time anyway ... It's just now I need more than the standard mounting block ...

  3. VERY well done. You should be so proud of you and your pony getting this right. And it will be so much nicer to mount and dismount now!