Thursday, February 28, 2013

"And So It Grows"

Howdy Folks,

And so it grows. Isn't that a beautiful thought? I was writing to a friend last evening about all the things she's taught me that I have shared with others who have in turn then shared that knowledge with still more folks. That's what we do, isn't it? Share the good we learn.

Each time I write about birds, bird watching, wildflowers or butterflies I think of all the people who have taught me so much. Some of those dear friends are gone now, but their wisdom and knowledge goes on because we share it with each other. Funny how certain birds will make me remember friends, who the loved that bird. Our friend Annabelle, we often talk about her here in the Coffee Clutch, now in a nursing home but still insisting I call her weekly with my birding results, loves all the birds and her Cardinals best.  Pat, now gone, loved her Bluebirds. As do I. She taught me so much over the years. Sharing what she taught me about Bluebirds and many others, and wildflowers too, keeps her memory alive. And keeps the knowledge growing in wider circles.

My mentor, Diane Sept, taught me so much about horses, their health, their spirit, their ability to love, teach and heal. Each time I work with horses, my own, or horses in my "Therapy For Therapy Horses" clinics I think of her. I marvel at how she can be helping those horses and their people without ever meeting them. Her wisdom, teachings and helping reaches out through me, and the folks to whom I introduce her techniques to make their lives better. It's like ripples in a pond spreading out farther and farther. How many horses has Diane helped by teaching me? And in turn my showing others, and then they pass that knowledge on ... The horses, too, I've met who have taught me so much that can be shared, and passed on.  And so it grows.

When I think of all the good things about life I learned from my dear wife, Robbie, I can only hope to be as giving and patient as she, and pass on what she taught me about caring for, and understanding others, first. When we teach our children and grandchildren, and they grow into adulthood and in turn teach their own children things they've learned from us, about life, love and sharing the good. And so it grows.

So as you go along, give a thought every now and then to those who inspired you to become who you are, and how they, through you, are inspiring others they may never meet. That's a good thing.

And so it grows ~ Dutch Henry


  1. That certainly IS a good thing, Dutch, to spread caring and empathy by being caring and empathetic. What we learn and then live we can share with others by being that person who has learned to be who we most want to be and have others do the same to others. As so it grows.

    1. Thanks Patti!!! ... And so it Grows ...