Friday, December 28, 2012

"FEATURE FRIDAY-Linda Nedilsky – Healing Veterans and Horses with Myofascial Release Therapy"

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Linda has long known of the healing power of the spirit of the horse, but it was brought into her heart by a very special horse, Story, a few years ago, when he refused to let Linda carry the baggage of a horrible incident she'd endured years earlier any longer. Story, with his gentle ways, and understanding had helped her shed the burdens of mistrust, fear and hurt by first doing nothing more than standing quietly as she brushed him.

Today Linda is a massage therapist who heals horses and humans with a gentle technique developed by John Barnes called, "Myofascial Release Therapy. (JBMFR)"  Linda was a massage therapist before discovering MFR when seeking pain relief herself from injuries she'd suffered in an accident.  She no longer offers traditional or any other type of work except JBMFR.

What is "Myofascial Release Therapy?"  First, what is Facia? It is the connective tissue that surrounds and infuses every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel and organ in the body, all the way down to the cellular level. The fascial system can affect every system and function in the body ... The impact of unhealthy fascia on your body is profound. When the fascial system is healthy and functioning well, its acts as the primary support system of the body, stabilizing and cushioning muscles, bones, organs, and all other systems within it ... When fascia is restricted through trauma, repetitive motions, poor posture, scar tissue, and/or the inflammatory process, this flowing, powerful system can become solidified. Think of taffy hardening. Fascia will thicken or reinforce in these areas of stress and, in turn, shorten the connective tissue, causing a fascial restriction … MFR helps to remove the straight-jacket effect from the body by releasing restricted fascia. Treatment is based on taking a look at and treating the entire body, helping to restore balance. By releasing the fascial restrictions, with gentle massage like techniques, throughout the body, MFR will decrease the crushing force, therefore decreasing pain and increasing function, blood flow, nutrition, and overall health- down to the cellular level.

Linda is devoted to offering hope to people, and horses (as well as dogs) who suffer from chronic pain, educate and help people about the options that are out there for them to improve their quality of life.

Her other objective is to tap into people who own horses, who are not aware that their own pain, emotional trauma, or restrictions have a huge impact on their horse's bodies and their behavior. "It amazes me at how many people will go out and buy new saddles for their horses, have the saddles fitted (which they should do) without considering if the horse's restrictions or even their own restrictions are causing the saddle to rub the wrong way." Linda explained.  "Even the simple things like hooves wearing the wrong way, or teeth wearing down on one side more than the other can be caused by fascial restrictions in the neck, back, hip, and legs. For example, knee inflammation in humans many times is caused by the pelvis being misaligned due to scar tissue and fascial restrictions. Many people have come to me after getting shots in their knees, and surgery who are still in pain. After just a couple sessions their pain has been resolved and they no longer need to take pain meds …So imagine if we could do the same thing for our horses ... just through body work."

Linda has recently become part of the, "In One Peace Project," a nationwide organization of JBMFR practitioners who will devote one day a month to Veterans and currently serving military personal, "to help them integrate back into their lives as whole healthy, vibrant persons. In one piece."

This is truly amazing therapy with the ability to help bodies, and minds, heal and function pain free and happy. Please have a look at Linda's website here for more details and how you might get involved.  To learn more about the "In One Peace Project" visit their web site 

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Dutch Henry


  1. Awesome piece Dutch. Linda is a great person. I am scheduled to have Linda work on me in Feb. and I am so excited! I have spoken to her on the phone and had many chats with her on the net. What she has been able to help me with is remarkable!
    Once again Dutch get article!

    1. Thanks Cashzig21 ... Wonderful that you'll get to feel her healing hands on! People like Linda who help others, humans and animals, are marvelous gifts to us all.