Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Howdy Folks,

What if everyone took just one day to be thankful? You know, spent a day without any negative thoughts or comments. Devoted a day to noticing the beauty of God's creation, the wonder and splendor of everything from the golden rays of a spectacular sunrise, to the tiniest glistening of a single flake of frost on a dangling red leaf, and everything in between.

What if everyone spent one entire day calling friends and loved ones they haven't seen for a while? What if old friendships could be given a spark of new life? What if old friends swapped silly stories of adventures long forgotten?

What if millions of folks decided one extraordinary day to call someone they knew was shut-in and visited a few moments?

What if parents stopped long enough to hug their children and tell them they are the most important thing in the world to them, and really meant it? What if that simple gesture was the first step on a new journey?

What if for a single day everyone truly felt and understood the power of love? And shared it.

What if for just one day the most important thing in everyone's life was finding a way to be thankful, kind and thinking of others? Humans and animals.

Wouldn't that be a simply fantastic Thanksgiving Day?

Happy Thanksgiving and here's hoping you'll feel a world of love!

Gitty Up
Dutch Henry


  1. Hope you all have a very Blessed & Happy Thanksgiving....minus the stress!

  2. Thank YOU, Dutch!! I'm hoping your Thanksgiving is also filled with family, friends and all that you hold dear. HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  3. I just did Dutch! Thank you for sharing your world, your words, and your love for all things with everyone of us.

    May your Thanksgiving and all your days be blessed and please tell Annabelle Happy Thanksgiving from her Coffee Clutch fans!

  4. Paula, Thank you & you have a terrific day too! Lauren, Have a great Thanksgiving! Darlene, I will call Annabelle tomorrow & give her that message ... You have a fun day too!