Monday, November 12, 2012

"Campfires, Candyland & Marshmellows"

Howdy Folks,

The morning air was bathed in yellow. The trees all seemed to shimmer, even dance in the flaxen hue, as if a giant spotlight shown down upon them muted with a golden lens. Which of course it was as it tried to build up enough power to burn its way through the morning haze. A Cardinal sat proudly on a high branch surveying what he claimed his domain, then grudgingly surrendered that branch to a trespassing batch of Juncos.

Today promises to be a warm one, like yesterday here in VA. Kessy, Saturday and I had a delightful romp through the woods yesterday. What fun we had, lots of gaiting and a fair amount of cantering. It was easy to see Kessy just wanted to move out. I suppose she loved the pleasant weather, too, so I indulged her and let her rip. We covered a lot of territory and saw plenty of birds on our travels and even a few butterflies, the small yellow ones whose names I can never remember. At the big stream we even saw a dragon fly! Ravishin' Robbie says yesterday was truly an Indian Summer day, and by golly it looks like we'll have one today too.

Before we'd headed out yesterday Kessy gave our grandbabies a few rides around the yard. It's pretty easy to see she enjoys that as much as they ... Sadly we must take them home today, but boy howdy we had lots of fun. Played about a dozen games of Candyland. Robbie led us all in arts and craft projects. Ben and I had guy time together getting the campfire roaring while Robbie and Hannah went to town for a tea party. And then of course the campfire last night during which many a perfectly roasted marshmallow was devoured.

We'll be heading out today to take them home. It's an all day road trip … Isn't it simply lovely how busy, and loud, the house can become under the rule of two little ones … Perhaps we should keep them?

Well you all have a perfect day!!

Gitty Up

Dutch Henry

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