Monday, October 15, 2012

Soft Rain and Lullabies

Gentle rain tapped out a soothing melody on the tin. Chickens preened to fluff their wet feathers, others seemed not to care about their disheveled, soggy look as they scratched at the cracked corn scattered under the picnic table in the barn. Saturday, having apparently spent the night snuggled in the hay room sat beside me, warm and dry. Tigger found my lap the second I settled into my, coffee with Kessy chair. 

Kessy tugged at her hay, her steady munching adding rhythm to the raindrops playing on the roof. The heavy morning air carried the clicity clack, then the whistle of a distant train. A tiny Carolina wren sat on the half wall enjoying the protection of the roof overhang.

There's something tender about a gentle morning rain. Everyone gathering in the barn for shelter, doing what they always do, but somehow it feels sweeter. It's a little darker, sounds travel farther to join us inside, the roosters perch on the half wall to crow, the cats purr, Kessy munches and the rain taps. The soft steady taps on the tin sing us a happy song.

Without warning the rain increased its intensity, changing the tune on the tin from a sleepy lullaby to a hurried whisper, as if setting a new tempo to make a point. The point it did make was to drive the rest of the chickens into the barn, clucking and squawking. Kessy gave them a look that shouted, "If you're going to sing along at least get the words right. And stay out of my hay!" The late comers scattered to the corners to shake, preen and complain. Just as suddenly as the rain picked up the tempo it slowed again, and peace reined in our little cozy world once more.

I think there are few places in the world as embracing as a barn on a warm rainy morning ... Snuggled under a blanket with Ravishin' Robbie watching a good movie on a cold and snowy night is of course the very best … and the way I'm reading the signs of fall, one of those snuggle movie nights can't be too far away. Get your blankets, movies, hot chocolate and sweethearts ready.

Have a wonderful day! ~ Dutch.


  1. Let us know what movie you chose so we can watch one cold night at our house :). As the lyrics of one of my favorite songs, "I am listening to rhythm of the falling rain." Lulls me to sleep:). Stay warm and dry my friend!


    1. Kathryn, Robbie & I like the old classics and Hallmark type movies best ... But I'm a John Wayne fan, too, but action movies are for a different time ...

  2. Reading your words bring a quiet setteling to a harried morning. God bless you.

  3. Dutch,

    I love reading your daily Coffee Clutch. Your Blog is fabulous! May God continue to bless you and Robbie as well as all of your amazing creatures on the farm. I can relate.


  4. Sherry & Carol, Thank you for taking time to join us in the Coffee Clutch to read & comment!! ... Sherry, it is my hope to share a few smiles and thoughts that inspire. Carol, thank you for your blessing!