Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Rain & Wet Chickens

Rain pounded the tin roof with a ferocity that set up rumble through the barn that only an earthquake could match. I'd just sat down and poured my first cup of steaming black coffee. Kessy was enjoying her hay, Saturday snuggled tight against the tired old lawn chair that serves as my perch each morning as Kessy, me and the gang enjoy Coffee Clutch. Tigger and Miss Kitty had stayed in the house. I'd needed to hurry a bit through the morning chores, the thick clouds offering plenty of warning the dumping would soon commence.

And dump those dark clouds did when they decided it was time to unload! Buckets of driving rain slammed into the tin with a thud that echoed into the woods. Kessy snorted and spun to look outside, Saturday wiggled under my chair. A dozen soggy chickens raced single file into the barn. Clucking, squeaking and shaking water soaked wings they dashed between Kessy's legs and by my chair then huddled in corners to complain and preen. Water flew in a dozen little clouds as they shook themselves dry. Saturday watched in terror, Kessy never noticed.

It was the first morning this fall cool enough to raise steam off my coffee. It was the first morning we had no hummers at the feeder at the barn, but we did see some later in the day when the clouds parted. It was the first morning cool enough to see Kessy's breath, too.

The rain continued to pound the roof, more chickens found their way to the barn to huddle in the hay room, on the half wall and the picnic table. Saturday found his nerve and crawled out from under my chair. The temperature continued to drop and too soon I had to give up on Coffee Clutch and retreat to the house for my standard Sunday morning breakfast of Ravishin' Robbie's, melt-in-your-mouth waffles, swimming in butter and pure Maple syrup ... Robbie still uses her mother's 60's vintage waffle iron, cloth wrapped cord and all.

It did warm up a little in the afternoon, all the way to 50, and we snuck out for a short ride. A bit muddy, wet and chilly, but by golly the leaves are beginning to show their fall colors already. After I warmed up I was able to rejoin Kessy and the gang in the barn to write for about half an hour. I did more thinking than writing ... No finer place in the world to write, or think, than in the barn. And as long as I'm there Kessy will stay with me. Often she'll lie down and nap. Saturday stays too. The chickens, I don't think really care.

Well, I'm off to Sprouses Corner ranch today. Have a brand new horse and volunteer to introduce to "Therapy For Therapy Horses."

Have a perfect Monday and God Bless!! ~ Dutch


  1. There's nothing like the sound of rain beating down on a tin roof and being with a horse as they munch on their hay. The descriptions you paint make me smell the hay and the coffee and remember past times of sitting in the stall with my old gelding as he munched his hay while the rain beat down on the roof. Ahhhh.....

  2. Thanks Annette! ... Rain on the barn roof is one of my favorite sounds! ... And, ahh, the smell of hay & coffee :)